Monday, July 28, 2008

Kid British - The New Face of 21st Century Ska

Hipper elements of the UK press are hyping a new band from Manchester called Kid British. While the UK media and the UK music media in particular are known for their hyperbole, it seems like the consensus on Kid British is unanimous. They will be the next big thing out of the UK and they play ska. They're a multiracial outfit designed to reflect a multiracial city, a four-piece, with three extra musicians for gigs. They've just signed to Mercury, inked a long-term publishing deal with EMI and they're already being hailed as the best new band in Manchester.

They call themselves "Hip Hop Rudeboys" and according to an article in the Guardian last week, the band cite everyone from Madness to Meat Puppets, the Beatles to Blur, from De la Soul's thoughtful hip-hop to the Streets' as influences. Their MySpace site has 3 demos up and the one that is the most clever and memorable is "My House Is Dadless" a hip hop/electro jam which includes a sample of the Madness song.

According to reports their first single "Elizabeth" is due in October. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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