Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Beat In Black & White From Nottingham, 1982

beat013 - Version 2

The photos you are looking at were shot by Jon Jackson in 1982 during a show The Beat played in Nottingham, U.K.  Jon’s son, who is a Redditor, posted a short back story about his Father and the genesis of the photos:
My dad was born in Cambridge in the 50’s, growing up very close to David Gilmour and other members of Pink Floyd - he has always followed the Cambridge music scene very closely and has seen many of their influential concerts. He lived in London during the 70’s and early 80’s, experiencing the cataclysm of culture and music which living with certain people during that time became. He toured with The Clash, The Beat and Bob Marley, there might be more but these are the ones I know about.
I selected a few shots of The Beat below (featuring candids of Dave Wakeling, Ranking Roger, Andy Cox, David Steele and Dave Blockhead) from Jackson’s Flickr set, but you can see the rest here. For those who are technically inclined, Jackson used an Olympus OM2 with a 24mm lens and Ilford HP5 film to capture these photos of the band backstage and performing live.

beat011 - Version 2

beat006 - Version 2

As a bonus, Jackson also captured The Clash in July, 1982 during the Brixton Academy stop of The Clash’s “Casbah Club Tour.” You can view those here.

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