Friday, November 30, 2012

Chris Dowd (ex-Fishbone) Unveils His New Ska Band The UltraInfidels!

Attention all Fishbone fans! Chris Dowd's (Ex-Fishbone) new ska band The UltraInfidels is playing an all ages show in New Jersey tomorrow night along with New York's 2-Tone heroes Bigger Thomas and the Afro punk/funk sounds of Funkface. Word is that Dowd (trombone, keyboards and harmonica) and his band Dana Stevens on tenor sax, Daniel Seef on bass, Erin Davis on guitar and Eric Radloff on drums (pictured below) will play all new material as well as a few Fishbone songs. The band has embarked on a short east coast tour that has visited New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and that will wind up in Brooklyn on Monday night.

Dowd who left Fishbone in 1994 and moved to New York where he was living with Jeff Buckley admits that he hasn’t really played much since 1999. According to an interview he did with The Trentonian, Dowd says fans should expect a diverse sound. “In Fishbone we never wanted to be genre driven,” Dowd said. “We hated when people thought we were the square peg and the square hole. I’d say (The Ultra Infidels) we sound like, uh, we’re Prog-Ska (laughing). We are like Yes mixed with The Specials and then throw in a little Metalica.” Below are two of the band's new songs, "Cubicle" and  "The Walking Dead" which offer a sense of the diverse sounds Dowd and his bandmates are exploring.

I plan to videotape much of The Ultrainfidels show in New Jersey and will preview it here in the next few days.

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Steve from Moon said...

The new material sounds fantastic! Hope you do a write up of the show and have some video!