Friday, April 5, 2013

UB40 Reveal The Title Of Their New Country Meets Reggae Album -- "Getting Over The Storm"

UB40 have confirmed the title of their new country themed reggae album -- "Getting Over The Storm." The band's saxophonist Brian Travers confirmed the news on his Facebook page:
Don't tell anyone BUT I hear that these guys are going out on the road June 14th -22nd in UK, rumour has it that their new album 'Getting over the storm' (working title) is not only INCREDIBLY 'pedal steel guitar' GROOVY BUT it's been mixed in REGGAETASTIC STEREO and about to be handed over to Virgin/EMI....
So just what do the songs on the album sound like?  A fan who has heard an advanced copy of the album posted the following review on the UB40 community forum:
"And I'm surprised to say it but what a great idea to do the country theme. I didn't really know what to expect with that but it really really works. The best thing about it is, they're all songs that will sound cracking live. They've all got a feel to them that makes you unable to keep still when listening to them. There's one or two that just couldn't possibly be left off a set list and one that they will unfortunately be unable to do live which is a real shame as that's one of the highlights. I was surprised to learn there is a mix of originals and covers which works brilliant - I had assumed they were all covers. The originals keep up the country style - but you can definitely tell which ones they are as they still sound just like UB40 tracks. Out of the covers, I've heard of most of the artists but don't recognise the songs. None of them are really well known songs which I think is a good thing. I honestly think that this is an album we will be listening to for a long time. Every track is so easy to listen to - there's nothing heavy or too deep. I like their political numbers but do prefer the love song type tracks which these are. There's a great one that is a cover track, but Duncan has re-written the lyrics. You wouldn't be able to tell though as the new lyrics just fit so perfectly."
Though the release date has still not been confirmed yet, the band has announced dates for a U.K. tour this summer, which likely means the album should be out by late May or early June.  More information as it becomes available.

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