Sunday, December 29, 2013

Specialized Charitable Music Project Announces Specialized 3 In 2014 -- Mad Not Cancer!

There will be a Specialized 3! Paul Williams, the mastermind behind the first two Specialized albums -- featuring musical tributes to The Specials and The Beat and live concerts across the Globe which have raised over £40,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK -- has announced that the next iteration of the project will focus on Madness!

In 2012, the project released its first album, the critically acclaimed “Specialized-A Modern take on Specials Classics” which included a double album's worth of tracks covering the back catalogue of The Specials. The project was so successful that in 2013 a second double album titled “Beat Teenage Cancer,” covering tracks of The Beat/English Beat was also launched to critical acclaim.

Both albums have been used as a showcase for unsigned modern bands influenced by the respective artists to pay their respect in the form of their own versions of the originals.  The project has also drawn the interest of a number of established 2 Tone stars, including Lee Thompson of Madness, Roland Gift of The Akrylykz/Fine Young Cannibals,  Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger of The Beat, Neol Davies of The Selecter and Rhoda Dakar of The Bodysnatchers/The Special A.K.A who have shared songs or participated.

The album “Mad Not Cancer” is destined for release in June 2014 featuring a wide variety of bands from the Philippines, France, Germany, Australia, US, UK, Spain and Argentina.   More details on the progress of the album as they become available in the new year.  In the meantime, check out the promo video for Specialized 3 below.

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