Friday, July 25, 2014

Ranking Roger To Release New Album Of Remixes "Pop Off The Headtop"

Ranking Roger announced the release of a new solo album titled "Pop Off The Headtop."  The album is out August 1st and will be available via The Beat's web page.

The album appears to be a compilation of remixes of tracks Roger has recorded for a variety of albums, including his recent collaborations with Mr Anonymous on the tracks "Yam And Banana" and "Spaceman."

Here is the entire track list for the album:

1. Future Sounds (AleXanna Remix) - Ranking Roger
2. 16 Tons - AleXanna Featuring Ranking Roger
3. Rock The Casbah (AleXanna Remix) - Ranking Roger
4. Return Of The Dread-I (Dropgrinders) - Ranking Roger
5. Muscle Ska (AleXanna Remix) - Ranking Roger
6. Spaceman (Ambient Version) Mr Anonymous Featuring Ranking Roger
7. On The Road (Dopegrinders) – Ranking Junior & Ranking Roger
8. Side To Side (Dopegrinders) – Ranking Junior & Ranking Roger
9. Yam And Banana - Mr. Anonymous featuring Ranking Roger
10. Mirror In The Bathroom (Gaudi remix) – Gaudi vs. The Beat
11. Freedom - Ranking Roger
12. Joe 90 Meets Thunderbirds Near the Tardis (Dub) – Ranking Roger

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