Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bim Skala Bim Perform Entire First Album Live!

For those unable to make it up to New England to enjoy the once-a-year Bim Skala Bim celebration reunion last weekend (myself included), below is video of the band's excellent performance of most of the songs from their first self titled album that was released 25 years ago in 1986.  The show featured all of the original members from the recording including original trombonist and vocalist John Ferry.

The original band line-up that recorded the first album included:

Dan Vitale: Lead Vocals
Lauren Fleischer: Lead Vocals
Jim Arhelger: Drums
John Cameron: Keyboard, Sax
Mark Ferranti: Bass
John Ferry: Trombone, Vocals
Jim Jones: Guitar

The same month that the album was recorded, Lauren left the band. Jackie Starr joined that December. Click here for a band history and chronology. Below are all the live performances of many of the songs from the the first album (which vocalist Dan Vitale said had not been played in 'quite a while') as well as songs featuring vocalist Jackie Star from 'Tuba City' and 'How's It Goin'. Enjoy!

The Key

Better Get Out

Diggin' A Hole

Jah Laundromat

Gopher Rodeo


Wise Up

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Steve from Moon said...

Great to see them again! Wish they could have made it down to NYC...