Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Terry Hall & Jerry Dammers of The Specials Speak to BBC Radio About Making The Band's Classic Debut LP

Did Hell freeze over!  Below is a radio interview that Terry Hall and Jerry Dammers conducted with  Steve Lamacq of BBC6 about the making of the band's iconic first self-titled album.

Sadly, I'm unable to listen to the interview since I live outside the UK so I can't say if Hall and Dammers were interviewed together or separately (based on the photos I would venture to guess separately but anything is possible).  Hopefully some you living in the UK and EU will be able to enjoy this and one of you will send me a transcript!

UPDATE: I found this link to the interview which is accessible regardless of where you may live.  Scroll forward to the 2 hour mark to hear the interviews. The player below is for people living in the U.K.


MikeyJasy said...

Tried to access your direct link but was denied (live in NYC) and only available to UK folks. So I did a search on Goog for BBC interview Terry Hall and Jerry Dammers Aug 30 2011 and clicked on the second result which is this url (you get the whole 3 hour show but you can advance through it

Marco On The Bass said...

Thanks Mikey! Going to give this a listen today.

JJ Loy said...

I'm curious if anybody knows about the album Dammers is citing at the end of the interview. Mike Ganges? Capitol Letters?

anybody got the scoop on this, it was kind of hard to understand-

Marco On The Bass said...

Hey JJ! Dammers is referencing Birmingham reggae band Capital Letters. Check out more about them here:

Musky03 said...


Love the blog. Here is a version of the interview with artwork. This is a priceless hour of radio!