Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Specials On Jools Holland Night #2 - Sparkling Versions of 'Man At C&A' and 'Little Bitch'

Night two of The Specials live performance on Jools Holland far surpassed the first night. Perhaps it was the choice of songs (a spine tingling version of 'Man At C&A' and a energized version of 'Little Bitch') or maybe it was the growing overall excitement that the reunion is a reality. Whatever it may be, the band is clearly ready to get on with the tour. Rumor has it the band will be recording and releasing a live album from the UK tour. If that's true it should be a great album.

It was good to see that the band decided to let Roddy, Horace and Lynval conduct the interview with Holland. They all have something to add and contribute to the band's legacy and I was getting concerned that all the media coverage was focusing on the Terry Hall vs. Jerry Dammers angle of the reunion to the detriment of engaging the other band members in their take on the reunion and the band's legacy. That said, Holland did raise the issue of Dammers absence with the band and related that he had heard from him. I thought the band managed the question as well as they could under the circumstances.

Have a look at the performance and the interview below.

Man At C&A

Interview with Jools Holland:

Little Bitch:

Thanks again to Mondo De Muebles blog for the MP3 links for performances of both songs from the show. The links are below:

The Specials - Jools Holland Live 11/4/09

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