Monday, April 27, 2009

Will Jerry Dammers Make An Appearance At The Specials Shows In London?

As The Specials reunion tour of sold out shows continues to barrel across the UK, the one member of the band who has not joined in sent fans into a flurry of speculation with a vaguely worded post on a Twitter account over the weekend.

Yes, Mr. Jerry Dammers (or someone who is acting on his behalf) has once again fueled rumor and conjecture, by suggesting that he may make an appearance at The Specials' Brixton Academy shows in London in early May. Dammers (or someone who is acting on his behalf) posted the following short message 'Reconcillation abound, see you at Brixton' on his Twitter account (have a look for yourself at the Twitter post)

Fans have exchanged both hopeful and disbelieving exchanges on the band's fan forum as well as a separate board started by Dammers supporters. The band have replaced Dammers with keyboardist Nik Torp who according to reports has filled his shoes admirably. Dammers was in the audience for the band's first reunion performance last summer at Bestival and it is not outside the realm of possibility that he could be planning to make an appearance (officially or unofficially) to mark the tour's arrival in London where he lives.

I'll continue to follow this as it develops and will post more in the next few days. In the meantime, here is a short montage of Jerry doing his DJ thing. Perhaps the band have invited him to DJ during the show? Time will tell.....

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paddyska said...

I went to the Glasgow show on Tuesday, Wow. that's all you can say about it. Best gig of my life