Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bodysnatchers Live! - Folkestone 8/30/80

Now this is a real find for all you hardcore 2-Tone fans out there. Here is a live recording of The Bodysnatchers from a show they played in Folkestone in August of 1980 where they headlined and were supported by Arthur Kay & The Originals (more about them in a future post).

What's so great about this recording is the chance to finally hear the band perform songs that were never recorded. The whole recorded output of the band was only released on 2 singles. Thanks to The Beef, The Original and The Cover for uncovering and sharing this rare gem.

Here is the set list:
2.Monkey Spanner
3.Watch This
4.Mixed Feelings
5.Mule Jerk
6.Ruder Than You
8.A Little Bit of Soul
9.Happy Times Tune
10.Too Experienced

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Anonymous said...

A Rare gem Indeed, Thanks Dude.