Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I'm Writing A Book About The Birth Of The American Ska Scene!

Hello! I want to wish any of the readers of this blog a belated Happy New Year!  While I have neglected to post here regularly, its because I've signed a deal with DiWulf Publishing to write an oral history about the birth and origins of the American ska scene and its place in American sub-culture!

The initial purpose of this blog was to collect stories and research the histories of well-known and overlooked American ska bands who helped lay the foundation for the explosion of the genre in the early 90's and its ongoing popularity. My as-yet-untitled book will be told through the recollections and anecdotes of the people who lived it: the musicians who were heavily influenced by 2-Tone bands from the UK, the clubs and booking agents who supported the scene from its infancy, the bands that made music and toured relentlessly, and the fans who fell in love with the American counterpart of a beloved British subculture.

Right now I'm in the earliest stages of gathering material and research. My publisher is looking towards the end of 2018 as a tentative release date. I am already hard at work interviewing a who's who of American ska and reggae musicians, DJs, club promoters, artists and fans who helped develop ska scenes across the U.S. and supported its growth.  I'm hoping to create the most comprehensive look at the birth of American ska.

Over the next year, I'll post updates on the research process, who I'm interviewing and my overall progress. 

Thanks again to the many readers who continue to visit the site.  I'm writing this book for anyone who loves ska as much as I do!