Sunday, May 6, 2012

Introducing The UltraInfidels!: Ex-Fishbone Member Chris Dowd's New Ska Project

Ex-Fishbone member Christopher Dowd has launched a new ska-influenced project titled The Ultrainfidels. The band, which at the moment appears to be a partnership between Dowd and bassist, guitarist and programmer Daniel Seeff, has released two songs via their Facebook page. Both songs, "Cubicle" and "Walking Dead" recall the hyper-ska and punky reggae of early era Fishbone as well as the more soulful side of Dowd penned songs like "Everday Sunshine" and "Change." The two songs are a taste of what promises to be full album from The Ultrainfidels that is expected some time this summer. Read an interview with Dowd about The Ultrainfidels.

As a singer and multi-instrumentalist, Dowd brought a different perspective to Fishbone. He was the sensitive soulster in a troupe of ska/punk/thrash/funksters. Dowd left the band after their "Give a Monkey a Brain and he'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe" album in 1994. After landing in New York City following his departure from Fishbone, Dowd connected with a collective of local New York City-based ska musicians (including King Django) and rocker Jeff Buckley to form The Seedy Arkhestra and released "Puzzle" in 1997. It remains a criminally overlooked ska album. Have a listen to 'A Thousand Tears" below:

The Ultrainfidels track "Cubcile: which sounds like it could have been on the first Fishbone EP, was included on the movis soundtrack of the excellent "Hot Tub Time Machine" and has slowly been going viral among the vast online network of Fishbone fans. That said, The Ultrainfidels is a grassroots band. Dowd himself has said, "This is a new band and we are literally starting from scratch. It’s really like starting over for me." With his musical pedigree and Fishbone credentials, I look forward to hearing more.

And so, without further ado I present for your listening pleasure...The Ultrainfidels!


Nick said...

wow, great stuff! can't wait for an album.

Steve from Moon said...

Really good stuff!