Thursday, August 2, 2012

The King Meets The Rockers Uptown: Elvis Presley Goes Rocksteady!

The always excellent Dangerous Minds has posted a great re-mix of some of Elvis Presley's best known songs done in a rocksteady and reggae style. The mix is very reminiscient of The Drastics "MJ A Rocker," a brilliant mix of Michael Jackson's original vocals dropped in on top of spot-on skinhead reggae covers of his best known song.  Similarly, Presley's original vocals are dropped on top of some very nice reggae and rocksteady backing tracks. 

Please note that while the music is definitely PG, the accompanying video is definitely NSFW!

Return To Sender
In The Ghetto
Blue Moon
It’s Now Or Never
Baby I Don’t Care
Suspicious Minds
I’ll Remember You
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Crying In The Chapel


Missing Link Wray said...

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

jeffen said...

Nice one. Thanks.

Leopold Stotch said...

I had two tracks from this for years but had absolutely no idea where they had come from.
Thanks for the tip!

Budtheweiser said...

nice mix the guy who made these is called Reggaesta heres his youtube channel with loads of goodies on it

G Turner said...

A good take on Elvis Classics.Have passed the link on to my Elvis loving relatives. Hope i don't get accused of heresey !