Sunday, February 28, 2010

Marco On The Bass - 'Musical Biscuit': A Free 10-track Excursion Upon The Version

After some severe procrastination, I've finally gotten around to collecting a selection of songs I have recorded over the last few years. Some of them were demo ideas for Bigger Thomas songs and others were just recorded for my own pleasure and entertainment. I've decided it was as good a time as any to finally share these songs for your listening entertainment, bemusement or derision. After all, its no use recording and working on songs that are never heard. The goal of most artists is to share their creative endeavors, though there is often some hesitation because the songs never feel quite right, good enough or finished. But the hell with that. Here they are warts and all.

As background, the inspiration for these 10 songs comes from my love of all things ska and reggae, but also pays respects to DJ culture and artists like Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim, Beats International), Gorillaz (Damon Albarn) and other Acid Ska and Big Beat studio artists (Longsy D, Basement Jaxx) who have created uniquely entertaining reggae and ska by mixing sampled vocals and riffs over traditional reggae and ska bass, guitar and drums. Since I'm not a singer, I utilize the borrowed vocal talents of many others as my stand in. That gives me a chance to pay my respects to artists I respect and love through the vocal samples I use. You will hear Joe Strummer and LKJ as well as snippets of Terry Hall, Neville Staples, Dave Wakeling along with Malcolm X, Chuck D, Craig David, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and numerous reggae artists from the 60's and 70's.

So without further ado, I present to you the 10-track 'Musical Biscuit' for your free downloading pleasure. All comments (good, bad or indifferent) are welcome.

Musical Biscuit 3:15
Rice & Peas 2:52
I've Got Something To Say 3:21
All The Way From Jamaica 3:06
Is Everybody Happy? 3:43
Big Power 3:16
Kiss The Microchip 3:47
Gun Shot 3:24
Mi Own Sense Of Time 4:16
Laugh Track 4:18


Joe Scholes said...

Hi Marco,
I just downloaded the tunes. Looking forward to listening to them tomorrow during work.

ron said...

Thanks for giving us a chance to listen to these !!

Marco On The Bass said...

Thanks Joe and Ron! I hope you enjoy the tunes.

Joe Scholes said...

Yes, I did and do enjoy them. Listening to some of your stuff (I think the first two tracks) made me think whether there is anybody out there bringing Ska and Afro-Beat together. That could be worth it.
It was also fun two hear the voices of Craig David ("Fill me In") and Missy Elliott in this context. Do you also play the guitars on the recordings? Great job.

Marco On The Bass said...

HI Joe! Thanks for giving me positive feedback! I've always liked mixing ska and bits of afro-beat/high-life. Our original guitarist used to do that and its stuck with me. I don't play the guitar but used samples I had on some loops on my computer.

By the way,I enjoy your blog and thought your post about the break-up of your current project was amazing. You rarely get the inside story and insight on why a musical project doesnt work and I greatly respect yourn openess in sharing.

Joe Scholes said...

Thanks, Marco, for taking the time to read the post.