Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Band (Bigger Thomas) Releases 'Steal My Sound' - Album features artwork by John 'Teflon' Sims

Dear MOTB Blog Readers,

I want to thank you all for your continued readership. Its been a very busy 2 years since I first started writing the blog. Hopefully you have enjoyed the ska content and media I've presented so far. In addition to writing this blog, I also play the bass in New York City-based ska and reggae band Bigger Thomas.

The band has just released a new album titled 'Steal My Sound'. Its the culmination of 2 years of hard work in the studio and we are happy it is finally finished. It includes 10 tracks of 2-Tone inspired ska and reggae produced by the legendary King Django at his Version City Studios. In addition to the talents of my band mates it also includes vocal contributions from Roy Radics of The Rudie Crew and the keyboard and piano stylings of Dave Barry of The Toasters.

We also engaged the creative services of John 'Teflon' Sims to design the art for a limited edition run of hard copy version of the CD. Sims was a designer in the art department at Chrysalis Records during the height of 2-Tone, and worked directly with Jerry Dammers to help conceive the album covers and promotional art for The Specials, The Selecter and all 2-Tone releases. It was an honor to have him design the CD cover.

'Steal My Sound' is currently available for free streaming on our MySpace Web site. If you like what you hear, I hope you will consider buying a CD copy from CD Baby. If you prefer digital downloads, the album is also available from iTunes and Amazon.com.

Here are two promo videos for the songs 'Crown Victoria' and 'Shamokin' that we produced to support the release of the new album

We are also making a special offer to all MOTB readers. If you purchase a hard copy version of Steal My Sound CD directly from the band for $8 USD (plus $5 USD shipping) via PayPal, we will include a free copy of our CD 'Resisting Success'. That's 2 CD's for the price of one! Just click the Pay Pal button below to order.

To whet your appetite for the new CD, below is a free download of the song 'I Can't Remember My Name' from Steal My Sound. Enjoy!


Steve from Moon said...

This is a GREAT album--hope it sells like crazy!

Gonna review it soon on The Duff Guide to Ska!

Long live Bigger Thomas!

Tone and Wave said...

I just bought my copy.

I have to say I'm impressed by what I heard so far. Most bands who have been playing as long as you guys have would've had ten other releases to their credit but they would have all been filler.
You guys have never had your "experimental" stage and you never put out a single album full of 'flavor of the month' crap.
Your releases are few but they are all solid.

A ska/reggae band that is still dedicated to playing ska/reggae after all these years.

It's been a long time coming and I'm glad I get to finally hear the new material.

Marco On The Bass said...

Thanks very much Steve From Moon and Tone and Wave! Its been a true labor of love recording and getting Steal My Sound out and its great to get some positive feedback.

Kames Jelly said...

I cant wait to get a legit copy of this album. It's been a staple of my ipod listening and soon itll be a cd listening.

I remember you telling me you were thinking about releasing a 7", is that still happening?

gobshyte said...

hi marco.ive taken a note of the address of the knitting club and hopefully we will see you there.well be the ones looking like tourists and i may be wearing a 'mondo de muebles' t-shirt!!see ya mate

Marco On The Bass said...

Hey Mr Jelly! Not sure where we are on a 7" at this point but vinyl of some kind is definitely in our future!

Marco On The Bass said...

Hi Gobshyte! I will look for the tourist wearing a Mondo De Muebles t-shirt! E-mail me at marcoonthebass@gmail.com if you have any questions about how to get to Williamsburg from Manhattan.

Joe Scholes said...

Hi Marco,
I just ordered a copy of "Steal My Sound", just like many many others I hope.

Marco On The Bass said...

Thanks very much Joe! I would be very interested to get your feedback on the album. Its going out in the mail to you tomorrow.