Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Play The Marco On The Bass World Cup Pick Em Competition And Win A Full Package Of Ska CDs

In case you didn't know, I love football (better known as soccer here in the U.S.) as much as I love ska and reggae. The World Cup is my personal favorite sporting event of all time (I travelled to Germany for the 2006 tournament) and I'll be supporting the U.S. team passionately the next several weeks.

So as I gear up for one glorious month of the beautiful game, I want to invite all regular and casual readers of the MOTB blog (who hail from almost every country in the world!) to join me in a friendly competition to see who can pick the most winners of all 64 matches from the group stages all the way to through to the final on July 11th.

In order to make the World Cup 'Pick Em' more interesting and competitive (aside from national pride of course!), the winner and runner-up will receive a full music package of all four Bigger Thomas CDs (Bigger Thomas, Resisting Success, We Wear The Mask and Steal My Sound) plus a 'Steal My Sound' T-shirt.

Click the link below to join the competition and demonstrate your World Cup 2010 football prowess.

(The password is: stealmysound)

To get everyone in the tournament mood, below is a video by Kid British of their new World Cup-related Motown-meets-ska single "Winner," which will be released on June 28th. The video features English World Cup soccer legend Sir Geoff Hurst and Manchester City player Nedum Onuoha, amongst others.


Anonymous said...

I'm English....not to much luck in the first game but hope you get through (in 2nd of course) ;)

Marco On The Bass said...

Up to 14 teams in the competition so far. Hoping more of you will join in before the first matches on Friday.

Jellybelly68 said...

Good luck Marco, USA second behind England i hope. Great blog thanks for some great posts. Best wishes. Gary.