Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exclusive: Interview with Roddy Byers About The Specials UK Tour

The Specials reunion tour has galvanized fans across the UK who have been raving about the band's live show. The Specials are held in very high esteem by their fans and many thought they would never see the band perform live again. Visit The Specials community board and you are bound to read posts from fans who have said that seeing the band again has been life changing and a few who have confessed to shedding tears while watching the band perform.

So what's it been like on the other side of the stage for the band members themselves? What kind of emotions have they been having while the tour has made its way around the UK? I was able to connect with Roddy Byers during the early days of the tour and he answered a few questions for me about what the first show was like and possible new songs that may be added to set list:

What was it like to play the first song at the first show in Newcastle?
I must admit I was nervous and that's unlike me. We all stood behind the curtain for what seemed a very long time. Then they opened and we were off into the intro of "Do The Dog". It was very emotional and the crowd were brilliant.

What has been your favorite song to perform
Favourite? Well i guess one of mine. I sing just one song in the Specials set and that's "Concrete Jungle".

Here is video of Roddy singing 'Concrete Jungle' in Manchester:

Has anything surprised you so far? Are you enjoying the tour?
So far its been wonderful ,everyone getting along and the gigs just keep getting better and better.

Any plans to work other songs into the set like 'Holiday Fortnight' or 'International Jet Set'?
We have been rehearsing in the sound checks "Guns of Navarone" but I cant see us doing "Jet Set". Terry would have to learn the words to "Holiday Fortnight" so that will have to wait until the next tour after the festivals. Maybe we will try it in Australia?

Byers has been a busy man of late. In addition to The Specials reunion tour he has also been putting the finishing touches on The Ska-Billy Rebels new album 'Blues Attack' which will be released soon. Below is video sampler of songs from the new album.

After finishing up the UK tour, the band has announced that they will be heading to Australia and Japan for shows in July and August. Let's hope they announce some U.S. dates soon.


SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS- Byron Bay,Australia (July 25th)
ENMORE THEATRE- Sydney, Australia (July 28th)
PALACE THEATRE - Melbourne, Australia (July 30th)
STUDIO COAST- Tokyo, Japan - (August 6th)
SUMMERSONIC FESTIVAL 2009- Headline performances in Tokyo & Osaka, Japan (August 7th - 9th)


HeyLinus said...

Hehe.. he's havin a laugh! Holiday Fortnight's an instrumental innit?!

Well I often dip into this excellent site and just thought that I should let you know Marco.. I was at Brixton on Friday (8th) – a day I've waited for for 28 fuckin years.. and it was absolutely insane!. They were ridiculously amazing. It's the closest I've ever naturally felt to being on E that night. No trouble, just rude boys and girls grinning like idiots hugging random strangers who sang every word. I'm going to the last date they've added in Leeds (where I live) on the 24th.

Man. I hope to god that they feel the love and get their arses over to the states to let you all feel it.. we all know there's always been big love out there for the Two-Tone scene. This is a great crowd's eye view.. a bit more atmospheric than the clip in the Roddy piece.

Rude Boys let us unite!

Marco On The Bass said...

Actually Holiday Fortnight does have lyrics but Jerry and Roddy had a fight about them and the song remained an instrumental.

Great to hear the London show was so amazing. I had a few friends that travelled over for them from New York. Hopig to hear they will be coming thsi way in the ney year.

Thanks for the YouTube clip. It's fantastic!