Monday, August 20, 2018

American Ska Oral History Book Update #4: You've Never Heard of The Boxboys?

One of my goals in writing an oral history about American ska is to ensure that bands -- many of which you may have never heard of -- get the credit they deserve helping to popularize a uniquely American version of ska music.  One of those bands is the Boxboys who were the first ska band from Los Angeles and likely one of the very first American ska bands. The chapter I'm writing on them will shed light on their story and the role they played in influencing other well known bands like the Untouchables and No Doubt (rumor has it that a 14 year old Gwen Stefani was at one the band's shows).

I've interviewed every member of the band and they've all shared  amazing stories about the LA music scene of the late 70s and early 80s including this anecdote from bassist Ivan Wong that happened one night outside the iconic O.N. Klub in Silver Lake when I.R.S Records honcho Miles Copeland showed up while Wong, Boxboys drummer Greg Sowders and club founder Howard Paar where outside.

“Greg and I were standing outside the club one night – and this this is how big ska and the reputation of the O.N. had gotten – and Miles Copeland from I.R.S. Records came up to the door and I think the Go Go's were playing. Howard Paar  -- the club founder -- was having a smoke and says, "Five dollars, Miles" and Miles goes, "I'm not paying five dollars" and Howard goes, "Come on, Miles. Five dollars." And Miles said, "I'm going in there and I'm going to sign this band and their gonna make a million dollars." And Howard goes, "Then it's gonna be $999, 995.” And Mile’s is looking at us like, “Oh you’re the Boxboys. You're those Boxboys guys.”

If you've never heard the band before, be sure to give their early single "Separate Rooms" featuring Betsy Weiss  (who would later go on to front heavy metal band BITCH) on lead vocals a spin.

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Hi marco,ive been away from my blog for ages,its great to see you're back.looking forward to th ebook.i hope to make it to your show in Poole.all the best mate