Thursday, September 15, 2011

Voting For 2012 London International Ska Festival Band Competition Launches!

Voting for the 2012 London International Ska Festival band competition has launched!   Ska fans from around the world can now vote to select one winner from the 20 finalists who hail from the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Scotland, Spain, Denmark and Indonesia.  The winning band will receive and all expenses paid trip to travel to London to perform at the festival.  The names of all the bands are listed below.  In order to vote you need to email the band's name in the subject line of the email to There is only vote per person (only valid email addresses will be count) and the contest ends on December 1, 2011. You can listen to tracks from all 20 finalists on the London International Ska Festival band page.  As of today nearly 600 people had voted so things are off to a flying start.

The 2012 edition of the Festival will be held May 3-6, 2012 at the Brixton Academy, Shepards Bush Empire and Islington Academy.  Bands already confirmed for 2012 edition of the festival include: Dandy Livingstone (Jamaica), The Dualers (UK), Neol Davies aka The Selecter (UK), The Hotknives (original line-up; UK), The Moon Invaders (Belgium), Los Granadians (Spain), Capone & The Bullets (Scotland). More bands and DJs will be confirmed and announced over the coming months.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I play bass in Bigger Thomas, so while I would hope the many readers of the Marco On The Bass blog will consider voting to send my band to London,  please vote for your favorite band out of the 20 on the list (we are in good company).   If you need a bit more convincing then please download one of our albums for free from the sidebar along the right side of the blog and give us a listen.  If you like what you hear please vote for us.  After 23 years of blood, sweat and tears and many ups and downs the trip to London would be a dream come true for us.   Here are a few videos of us if you need some visuals including a cover of Monkey Man with specials guests Drew Stansall (saxophone) and Nik Torp (piano) of The Specials!:

Bigger Thomas - I Can't Remember My Name

Bigger Thomas - Monkey Man (featuring Drew Stansall and Nik Torp of The Specials)

And if it can't get your vote for my band Bigger Thomas then, I'd love to see an American band win this contest, so I've started the list below with the US acts...

Bigger Thomas (New York, NY)
The Forthrights (Brooklyn, NY)
Maddie Ruthless (New Orleans, LA)
See Spot (Los Angeles, CA)
Green Room Rockers (Bloomington, Indiana)
Babylove and the Van Dangos
Offbeat Offensive
The Riffs
The Downsetters
The Simmertones
Monkey Boots
Kinky Coo Coos
Captain Accident
Jamaica 69
Los Furios
The Oldians
Jeramiah Ferrari
The Liptones

Hope to see you in London next May!

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