Thursday, July 12, 2012

Horace Panter of The Specials Shares A Piece Of The Specials History

Now you can own a special piece of 2-Tone history!  Horace Panter of The Specials (who has a degree in Fine Art) has converted a picture of the original cassette demo tape of the rough mix of "Enjoy Yourself" which was recorded at Horizon Studios in Coventry in 1980, into a limited edition print available on his excellent web site Horace Panter Art.

According to Panter:
"The cassette is an artefact, or a piece of memorabilia, from the early days when The Specials recorded some of their classic tracks at Horizon Studios in Coventry (now demolished to make way for a shopping mall). The year 1980, hence a limited edition of 80 prints at £80 ... geddit?!"
Horizon Studio has long gone. It has been demolished. But it is important that it is not forgotten because of its importance to ska music history.  Coventry was always a city that was buzzing with music, musicians and venues. Many of them recorded at Horizon. The studio, with its various associated owners, producers, musicians and engineers produced such memorable music and many 'hits'. Both The Specials and The Selecter recorded their iconic albums at Horizon.

 Based on the popularity of the print, Panter has just made created a line t-shirts featuring the print that are also available for sale via his web site (see below). I'm planning to get one.  Are you?


Matt C said...

I am eagerly awaiting any Barnsley Bill related artwork!

Anonymous said...

some product - carri on Specials!