Friday, June 12, 2009

An Intimate Conversation With Horace Panter of The Specials - Coventry Conversations Podcast

If you have not had a chance to buy and read Horace Panter's memoir 'Ska'd For Life', then I highly recommend that you pick up a copy. It is one of the better music biographys I have ever read. Like the man himself, the book is written with a lot of humor, an amazing memory, and an unusual lack of ego. Its fascinating to read Panter's insight on The Specials, particularly in light of their recent reunion. Like his band mate Neville Staple's new book 'Original Rude Boy', Panter has no problem busting band myths. In fact, his book is one of the few I can recall where the member of a successful band admits to frustration at playing a bad show.

However, the only thing better than a good read is a chance to actually hear the author live. Panter, fresh off the first leg of The Specials UK tour, recently spoke at the Coventry Conversations speakers series hosted by Coventry University. He discussed a variety of topics including, his thoughts moments before the curtain went up before the first reuion show, and, interestingly enough, his time as a special needs art teacher. The Guardian published a great article about Panter's last day as a teacher before he left to re-join The Specials reunion. He's called being a teacher "the second best job I ever had".

You can listen to the podcast in the player below or you can go directly to the Web site link. Make sure to turn the volume up on the podcast so you can hear the audience questions that Panter is answering. Enjoy!

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Horace Panter In Conversation

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Captain Skalett said...

Hi Marc,

Nice interview. It was a great book, read it on holiday last year. I was absolutely amazed how humble and a gentleman he really was. Just finished Neville's book this week, another very good read. It's surprising how much of that time is blurred in nostalgia, how good it seemed, now. Another good book is "". Very heavy but a great insight into Britain in the 70's/80's. God bless 2 Tone.