Sunday, June 28, 2009

Musical Occupation Mixtape #3: Marco On The Bass Selects

I'm honored that the good people at Musical Occupation have deemed me worthy of an interview and podcast focusing on American ska and reggae bands from the 1980's. I had the pleasure to speak with Gabe who is one of the most active and passionate ska bloggers on the American ska scene. Gabe asked me to select 10 tracks from American ska and reggae bands who were among the best bands of the era and to provide some background on each band. I picked bands that may not have received the credit they were due but were instrumental in giving birth to a vibrant, creative and definitively American form of ska music. I hope you enjoy the interview and the mix!

Heavy Manners – Taking The Queen To Tea (Chicago/1982)
The X-Streams – Rhythm Of Life 7″ (Arizona/1980)
The Boilers – Coeur A Voil (New York/1988)
Bim Skala Bim – Jah Laundromat (Boston/1985)
The Nails – Transcontinental Ska (New York/1980)
The Terrorists – Love Is Better Now 12″ (New York/1981)
The Untouchables – Tropical Bird (Los Angeles/1983)
The Hoovers – I Got You Babe (San Francisco/1980)
The Uptones – Outback Master (San Francisco/1983)
Blue Riddim Band – Nancy Reagan (Kansas City/1982)

You can stream the podcast directly from Musical Occupation or download it directly from the link below:

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