Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Specials Land in the USA! (without Neville Staple!)

After much anticipation The Specials have finally returned to the U.S.A. After a victory lap of a tour around the U.K. last fall, the band is back in the country that was their undoing nearly 30 years ago.

Below are videos of the band's two performances last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that was taped in New York City. The band was in fine form (listen to Roddy's inspired leads and riffs on both songs) and performed 'Message To You Rudy' and 'Do The Dog'. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is not Neville Staple but Trevor Evans (who is a childhood friend of Staple's and was one of the band's early roadies). Evans now tours with the band as a DJ with Terry Hall's son Felix and they spin reggae before the band plays. Apparently, Neville 'got sick' and was unable to make the trip to New York. Hopefully, whatever the issue he will be back on stage with the band when they play live on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show tonight and then play their first live gig in Los Angeles on Thursday night at Club Nokia.


Anonymous said...

any word yet on who is opening for them in NYC?


Marco On The Bass said...

Hi Andrew! No opening act. The Specials let Terry's son Feliz and Trevor Evans do a DJ set before they play.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marco, great site, glad I stumbled upon it. Any word on Neville since he didn't end up appearing on Fallon last night? I'm headed to the LA show tomorrow night from the Bay Area. Neville's mighty stage presence would be sorely missed he he's a no show. Still, gonna be a legendary night!


Marco On The Bass said...

Thanks Monty! Word from The Specials camp is that Neville is in the US and made the flight from NY to LA. If he is feeling well he should be at the show at Nokia Club show.