Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bad Manners Kick-off 2011 North American Tour

The ska legend that is Buster Bloodvessel, famous for his bald head, big belly (now reduced by gastric by-pass surgery) and one of the largest tongues in the music business and Bad Manners have just kicked-off a 40-city coast-to-coast tour of the U.S. and Canada billed as 'The Alternative Royal Wedding North American Tour' that should bring the band to a hot and sweaty club somewhere near you this month. Though Buster is the only original member, he is backed by a crack band of talented musicians.

Buster and Bad Manners had 9 Top 40 UK hits in the early 80's including "Lip Up Fatty", "My Girl Lollipop", "The Can Can", "Special Brew" and "That'll Do Nicely" and they gave Madness a run for their money as the Kings of Ska comedy. The band's vast and diverse back catalog of albums (some which were out-of-print) is now finally available in both digital and vinyl formats. Earlier this year, Cherry Red Records re-issued the band's first four albums, Ska 'n' B, Loonee Tunes!, Gosh It's... Bad Manners and my personal favorite Forging Ahead on CD for the first time with added bonus tracks. The albums were issued on their Pressure Drop sister label.

My band Bigger Thomas has had the pleasure of performing with Buster and Bad Manners several times and he has always been a down-to-earth gentleman and fantastic story-teller. I was also able to personally witness his pre-gig head shaving routine that he has done since the early days of the band and got a chance to compare tongue size with him. It was no contest.

I'm working on an interview with Buster that will be posted here in the next week, so be sure to check back in.  In the meantime, please go out and support the band when they come through your hometown.


Steve from Moon said...

Is that TC in the photo, too?

Marco On The Bass said...

The one and only!