Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nirvana Goes Reggae!: Little Roy Records Impeccable Covers Of 'Incesticide' Classics 'Sliver' & 'Dive'

The summer of 2011 is shaping up quite nicely in terms of must hear reggae and ska recordings. However I think I may have already heard the winner. Little Roy is releasing a limited edition 7" single featuring both Nirvana's "Sliver" and "Dive" on June 20th 2011 through Ark Recordings.

With production help from Prince Fatty (A.K.A producer Mike Pelanconi who has been on a hot streak of late -- check out the Hollie Cook tune he produced -- 'That Very Night') Little Roy's versions are spectacularly amazing reworkings that peel back the layers of the Nirvana originals from the 'Incesticide' compilation LP, to reveal entirely new songs. I’ve probably listened to them both at least a dozen times in the last day or so on my iPod.

A little known figure outside of reggae's deep roots circles, Little Roy contributed a handful of undeniable classics to the genre during the 1970s. Though often overlooked in the pantheon of classic roots reggae singers, his recent collaborations with Prince Fatty may finally take him mainstream. (Read a recent interview with Little Roy here).

According to an interview Little Roy did recently, the single is part of a Nirvana cover album project that he has recorded:
“I’ve recorded a Nirvana album. It’s different from me. I have done covers of Stevie Wonder and Bruce Ruffin. But I didn’t stick on singing other people’s songs. I’ve always written my own songs,” he said. It was introduced to me. Mike Pelanconi was doing it. Mike told them that I could be the right artist and the album will be put out later this year.”
Word has it that his cover of 'Polly' may be even better than 'Sliver/Dive'. We'll see!  Below is the Little Roy version followed by the Nirvana originals. Enjoy and play them loud!



These covers are garbage. They do not justify or capture anything "NIRVANA" and are textbook to the core. This may be worse than a Tori Amos cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. FAIL. My favorite genre has really shit on my favorite band...

Tone and Wave said...

Very cool!

I'm looking forward to hearing how Polly turned out.

You know the band Skanic from San Diego did a pretty good cover of "Breed" on their '98 album Last Call.

And then there was this:
(Flea played trumpet for Nirvana on several ocassions)
I know it's not real, but you gotta admit it came out really well.

Marco On The Bass said...

Hi Brendan. Thanks for your comment. I have to respectfully disagree. I'm not sure a cover song has to justify or capture the essence of the original in any way. That's what's great about covers. They can be great or fail but its in the ear of the listener to decide!

b-dawg Willerfrain said...

Eh, I dunno, man. It could've been better. I'll have to admit though, my comment was no where near irie.

Anonymous said...

I love his interpretation of Cobain songs. From depressing rock to ubeapt raggae.