Friday, September 5, 2008

"Jesus Is a Friend Of Mine" - Insanely catchy Christian ska song by Sonseed

One of my bandmates has suggested that we cover this ska song "Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine" by Sonseed that he found on YouTube. I don't know that we will but I felt compelled to share it here. While cloying, cliched and annoying its also very catchy and finds a way to worm inside your brain. I can't stop humming the melody and singing the chorus.

I found a bit more information about Sonseed here if you are interested.

Watch/listen at your own risk. I dare you to watch it only once:


Anonymous said...

mate that is guys should do a cover of it.absoulutely did you find it?the dancing in it is great.thanks again


Anonymous said...

im officially creeped out. jesus freaks suck.