Monday, October 18, 2010

Fred Perry Launches 'Tell Us Your Story' Photo/Video Competition: Winner Receives £5,000

Fred Perry. Two words that inspire an intense emotional response from the myriads of musical sub-cultures all over the world that have embraced its iconic laurels: Mods, Punks, Rude Boys, Skinheads, BritPop and Indie fans. I count myself as a devoted fan of the brand. Nothing looks better or sharper and when I wear one I feel part of something bigger but also something special and select. And when I see someone wearing one I can assume we have a few musical things in common.

To tap into this loyalty, Fred Perry is celebrating its heritage with a 'Tell Us Your Story' interactive social media competition that invites fans of the brand to share their own personal stories accompanied by pictures or video that highlight you wearing their clothes. So what are they looking for? According to Fred Perry: Ideally, they would be images, video or cine film (converted to a video clip) from your own family albums – or shots taken with friends. The brand started in 1952, so they can be from that date - through to the present day. They might be of you at a music festival, club rally, on a beach or in your back garden. You may even choose to take a shot that has been inspired by the images you will see on this web site. This site is for you to share your affection and affiliation to Fred Perry or the many music subcultures associated with the iconic laurel logo: These include Mods, Rudeboys, Suedeheads, Ska/2-Tone, Reggae, Punk, New Wave, Casuals/Perry Boys, Alternative, Britpop, Electronic/Rave and Indie/Electro clash. This is not a ‘technical’ photographic competition – so family album snaps, camera phone pics or videos have just as good a chance of winning as a technically proficient shot. Visitors to the site vote for the picture/story combination they like the most for this to win a monthly prize and 4 final cash prizes.

I entered the contest (see my pictures and stories here and here and feel free to vote for me!) and I suggest that you do too! The key is select a photo or video of yourself wearing Fred Perry. If you don't have any Fred Perry shirts, track tops or shoes, than by all means beg, borrow or steal some and enter the contest! It's all in the creative composition of photo and words that describe the picture. Show some humor, sentiment, nostalgia or love. Nail the setting and you might earn quite a bit of cash, all for having fun writing about a shirt! Prizes will be awarded with £5,000 for the most interesting story and three runner ups will receive £250.

Fancy telling them your story? You can do so right here.

Below is a link to where you can shop for and purchase a variety of Fred Perry shirts and clothing:

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