Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ranking Roger & Neville Staples Interview

I found a great interview of Roger and Neville from just a few days ago that was broadcast on ITN in the UK. The rumoured reunion of The Specials has generated a lot of media interest in the UK. What's striking about the interview is how down-to-earth both Neville and Roger are and what good friends they are. Their bands (Neville Staple's Specials and The New English Beat) tour the UK regularly.

I had the pleasure of meeting Roger when we opened a few shows for the Special Beat in 1991. The most memorable was when he came by our tiny, decrepit dressing room underneath the stage at The Fastlane in Asbury Park to say hello. He sat and chatted with us for about 10-15 minutes. That always made an impression on me.

Enjoy the interview. It takes a bit of time to open but be patient its worth the wait.

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