Thursday, May 1, 2008

UB40 Replace Ali Campbell with his brother Duncan

I read all about it on the UB40 fan boards but now traditional media are also finally reporting that Duncan Campbell, older brother of Ali and one of 4 Cambell brothers, has been tapped to replace Ali who left because of concerns about band management (his story) or to puruse a solo career (the band's story). The band has also added a new keyboardist to replace Mickey Virtue. There is also truth to earlier news stories that Maxi Priest is also joining the band. He will tour as an additional vocalist.

Here is the story from BBC News

UB40 singer replaced by brother
By Ian Youngs Entertainment reporter, BBC News

Former UB40 singer Ali Campbell is to be replaced in the band by his brother Duncan, with reggae singer Maxi Priest also bolstering the line-up on tour. Ali Campbell, who fronted the group for 30 years, quit in an acrimonious fall-out earlier this year.

Duncan, a former professional spoon player, will join his other brother, guitarist Robin Campbell, in the group. He said he asked for Ali's blessing before stepping in, but stressed they were not otherwise on speaking terms. "I told him if he objected strongly, I wouldn't do it," Duncan said.
Ali replied that he was "disappointed but didn't object", according to Robin.
"But I haven't spoken to him since," Duncan added. "The wounds are fresh."
In January, Ali said he left the group because he was unhappy with the management of the band's financial and business affairs. He's my kid brother and I felt dumped, as did every other member of the band Robin Campbell on Ali. The remaining band members say he quit to go solo. "He left to pursue a solo career for the financial benefits that that brings," Robin said. "That's what he told me."
Robin Campbell said the brothers' relations with Ali would "take a lot of healing".
"He's my kid brother and I felt dumped, as did every other member of the band," he told the BBC News website. "We felt deeply hurt and those things take time to heal.
"Obviously things are difficult, but he's my baby brother so it doesn't stop me loving him. I wish him all the very best. "I'm just still disappointed and sad about the way it's happened, but life goes on and the band goes on."

The band are giving away a version of their new album, Twentyfourseven, with the Mail on Sunday newspaper this week. The 10-track CD is the last work recorded with Ali Campbell.
An extended version with seven further tracks recorded since Ali's departure will go on sale in June. It includes contributions from Maxi Priest, who will also perform with the band on tour in the UK, Europe and US later this year. Priest is best known for his late-1980s and early-1990s hits such as Close to You and Wild World. UB40 formed in Birmingham in 1978.

Duncan Campbell sang in a harmony group with his brothers when they were children and has performed with their father, Scottish folk singer Ian Campbell, on stage.
He said he had also recorded a reggae album in Jamaica for Ali's record label, but it was never released. "I was the only professional spoon player in the country registered with the Musicians' Union - until they registered me as a vocalist," he added. "I have suggested playing the spoons in UB40 but they don't seem very keen."

Discussing his previous jobs, Duncan said: "I opened and managed the first casino in Barbados, I ran a fish and chip shop in Perth, Australia, and I've been an actor on and off."


Anonymous said...

Ali is very much missed but the guys are awesome, each of them.

Anonymous said...

On a more personal note...Robin, while in Southern California you are more then welcome to stay with me!