Friday, May 9, 2008

The Latest on The Specials Reunion: Jerry Dammers Says "Not So Fast"

You knew it was bound to happen at some point. Word out of the UK last week that Jerry Dammers isn't so sure the rumoured Specials reunion will come off. You have to wonder what it will take to make this happen (apparently it will take a lot more than gobs of cash). Old wounds heal slowly I suppose.

According to a story last week posted on GIGWISE Jerry has poured cold water on talk of a Specials reunion saying that it is too early to say if it will definitely happen.

Jerry still feels there are still a lot of things to sort out, including working out if the band will still be able to deliver on stage. "We've had one attempt at a trial rehearsal, which at no point was all seven people in the room at the same time. It's very early days you know we're talking but there's nothing definite at the moment at all." He added about the rehearsal: "Some elements were good, and some elements weren't so good. “There is a helluva lot of work to do. If people are willing to do the work then we can move forward, if they are not willing to do the work then we can't. So I don't know."

Ever the perfectionist Jerry is also concerned that some people may want the Specials to reform for the wrong reasons. "The music comes first to me. As soon as you lose sight of that, you lose sight of everything. People who put the money before music you are on a high road to nothing, a mad dash for cash I am not into at all. We will have to see if the music can come together properly."

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