Wednesday, May 7, 2008

UB40 Unveils New Singers

UB40 held a party in Birmingham yesterday for a few hundred lucky fans to unveil their two new singers. I have to say after watching the videos below that were recorded by a fan at the show that Duncan Campbell is the real deal. He looks like his brother Robin and sounds just like Ali. Its uncanny really. When they opened with my favorite UB40 song of all time (Food For Thought) and I heard the first lyrics he sang I have to admit it raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Where has he been hiding all these years? Maxi Preist also brings it and his song with the UB's may have Top 40 hit written all over it.

I'm still on a quest to hear the songs from the new album that was distributed this past weekend by The Mail On Sunday. Until I can find them and post them here, enjoy the videos below of the new UB40.

Food For Thought

Rainbow Nation

War Is Over

Dance Until The Morning Light

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