Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween - Ghost Town Covers

Happy Halloween. Today's post is to honor The Specials song "Ghost Town" and the way it captured and crystalized a moment in time and history. The song has a timeless quality. It never sounds dated and its lyrics have never been more pertinent. Ghost Town was The Specials last hurrah and they went out on top with a #1 hit on the UK pop charts. The song was released in response to the UK's then conservative government's failed economic policies that resulted in massive layoffs and unemloyment. Sound familiar?

There was an amazing article published in The Guardian in 2002 that provides a behind the scenes look at the genesis of the song and its recording. You can read it here.

Here is the classic Ghost Town video:

The covers are an eclectic mix including:

-The Dead 60's -my pick for the band that could have carried the mantle of The Specials into the 21st Century (had they not broken up)
-The Prodigy and their funky hip hop/dance take on the track
-An indie rock take on the track by the band Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
-Finally, a very eerie and spooky live version of the song featuring Terry Hall and Tricky

The Dead 60's - Ghost Town
The Prodigy - Ghost Town

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