Saturday, November 13, 2010

Terry Hall Confirms The Specials Will Tour In 2011: Band Will Perform 'The Specials' and 'More Specials' Albums Back-To-Back Live

During an in-person interview yesterday in front of a live audience of 3,000 in Manchester, England with journalist and legendary Ha├žienda DJ Dave Haslam, Terry Hall confirmed that The Specials are planning to undertake a lengthy tour in 2011 that will have them playing their two albums 'The Specials' and 'More Specials'. According to those in the audience, Hall said the tour would start in July and that the format would be for the band to play both albums back to back.

The good news is that fans will finally be able to hear tracks like 'I Can't Stand It', 'Do Nothing' and 'Pearl's Cafe' live. Sadly Hall did not mention any news of the band moving forward with new recordings and suggested that the band may call it quits after the end of the tour (which makes perfect sense if they don't plan to record any new material). Read a first-hand account of the interview here and watch an excerpt of the 90 minute interview below where Hall discusses his approach to songwriting.

Fans in the U.K. who want to celebrate the news of the 2011 tour may want to head down to Brighton next Friday November 19th, where Hall is booked to do one his legendary DJ sets at the Concorde 2. Hall's DJ sets are quite eclectic and he mixes various genres of music ranging from reggae to ska, old pop and R&B and lots of Bowie. Don't be surprised if he brings his son Felix along to spin a few tracks. The younger Hall is an up and coming reggae DJ based in London. Tickets are available for £10.00 and can be purchased online.

Below are links to where you can buy copies of 'The Specials' and 'More Specials' albums:


Steve from Moon said...

Hmmm...a little gimmicky isn't it? And haven't they already played the majority of these tunes live, anyway? (I absolutely love and respect the band and all, but really now...) Having said that, nice for the less-popular album tracks off "More Specials" to have an airing.

Marco On The Bass said...

Hey Steve! We will see. I'm hearing from sources inside the band that fans will have a lot to be excited about in 2011. I'm not sure if that includes some new songs or not but I hope so otherwise you are correct that its the same show with a few new songs added to the set list.

Anonymous said...

Marco - I hope you will keep an eye out for this interview that will (hopefully) be posted on the web at some point before the end of 2010 and please let us know how to find it. Thankyou.

Joachim said...

Hey Marc,

the interview and the "sources inside the band" leave a lot of room for speculation. I hope it remains exciting and would really like to see the band at least try to make the best new album possible.


Marco On The Bass said...

I agree Joachim! However, the band has a big announcement planned for next Monday November 22 so we shall see what they are up to!

Liam_Ska said...

Sorry to disappoint but I don't think there will be a new Specials album - I was at the interview and Terry said there were no plans for them to record and that there may well be a full stop to The Specials after next year's tour dates.

Terry did say that he has studio time booked to record some solo stuff next year and confirmed that he hadn't recorded anything new since the Mushtaq album.

I can't wait to hear 'More Specials' live as I think it was under represented in the recent tours. I also hope they play 'Why?' on this tour as it is as relevant today as it was in 1981, unfortunately.